Participative Legal Innovation


Involving society into legal innovation research.

We are convinced, that all parts of society should have equal possibilities to participate in decisions regarding innovative technologies. Technology is not something that just “happens”. It is something that is actively made and can and should therefore be actively modelled to serve societies’ needs.

To enable this, we foster a bottom-up approach towards innovative, collaborative regulation and design of technology, by making the underlying legal process clearer, more understandable, and more approachable to the public.

We focus on the communication of law, the participation in legal decision-making and how society experiences regulations regarding innovative technologies.

We are using interdisciplinary, non-traditional approaches to broaden not only the publics, but also the scholars understanding of the interplay between law, technology, and society.

Current projects involve the simulation of a Social-Scoring-App, and research on the framing and communication of expertise in crisis legislation.

The Participative Legal Innovation Group is led by Annemarie Hofer, who has an interdisciplinary background including environmental studies, law, economics, citizen science and communication.