Critical Legal Tech

Focusing on the impact of digital technologies on the legal system.

The goal is to explore the effects of legal tech on the level of practices, discourses, and materialities.

We do not see technology as a neutral actor, but rather something that incorporates values and visions. We think that technology tends to change and stabilize certain visions of a social system and the way it operates.

We therefore critically investigate, how the legal system and its inner logic change based on the usage of technologies. We want to know, if the introduction of new technologies is changing the mechanisms of knowing, decoding and legitimizing within the legal domain.

To do so, the Critical Legal Tech group pairs legal expertise with insights and theories from social science and computer science.

Current projects involve digitalization processes within asylum procedures and the responsible adoption of disruptive technologies.

The Critical Legal Tech Group is led by Nikolaus Poechhacker, a Science and Technology scholar with a professional background in IT and computer science, who is currently focusing on the social dimensions of digital technologies and algorithms.