Professor Iris Eisenberger, Professor Christoph Bezemek and Professor Ernst Stadlober (TU Graz), have been granted funding for their research project “Legal Requirements for statistical modelling – (REASON)”. The funding is provided by the Province of Styria within the call “Learning from the Corona-Crisis!”.

Lead by Iris Eisenberger, REASON traces to which extent political decision makers used statistical models to support measures in connection with the COVID-19 crisis in Austria. Based on these insights, REASON examines which legal requirements for statistical models can be derived from the constitutional principles of democracy, the rule of law, and the liberal state. The results will be used to formulate legal policy proposals that successfully combine the innovative potential of statistical modelling with the requirements of the Austrian constitution.

From the Department Eisenberger Magdalena NemethNikolaus Poechhacker, Annemarie Hofer, Aljoscha Puber and Katharina König are involved in the project.

REASON is part of the Field of Excellence “Smart Regulation” at the University of Graz, which explores topics related to technical innovation.


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