We’re launched!


The Constitutional Innovation Hub Graz (CIHG) is officially alive!

We finally had our official launch on May 26, 2021. Due to you-know-what, everything took a little longer and many of our events had to be cancelled or postponed. Nevertheless, we’re now more than excited to announce that CIHG is alive and thriving!

Throughout the last months we were working non-stop to make the hub into the diverse platform we want it to be. We welcomed our newest members, who are contributing to our broad network, and we are thrilled to announce that the series “Advanced Topics of Law & Technology” is gaining momentum. We have some new publications, launched a book club, participated in various online discussions and are very much looking forward to the day we can finally meet again face to face.

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Would you like to become a part of CIHG? Then don’t hesitate and get in touch with us!