Pandemic Preparedness – Futures Forum on Preparedness


From January 12-13, 2021, health, science, and policy leaders from around the world will gather at the Futures Forum on Preparedness to debut groundbreaking research on the global COVID-19 response and reimagine the future of public health.

Professor Iris Eisenberger and her team at the Institute of Public Law and Political Science participated in the research prior to the Forum within the CompCoRe project. CompCoRe is a comparative study of expertise for policy in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the speakers at the Forum are Dr. Anthony S. FauciDr. Tedros Adhanom GhebreyesusDr. Alondra Nelson and Dr. Sheila Jasanoff.


About the Forum

The forum will present research on 23 nations’ COVID-19 responses, undertaken by 78 researchers from 47 institutions, that outlines lessons learned across nations and recommendations to improve public health interventions. We will also debut Health Security Net, the most comprehensive collection of pandemic preparedness policy ever published, containing over 1,200 reports chronicling 25 years.

By bringing social scientists and public health experts together, we will begin to build a global, interdisciplinary network that can turn these insights into action over the coming months and years. To that end, we will organize working groups focused on key topics related to pandemic preparedness—such as improving learning and accountability and building trust in public health systems. We will also announce a new challenge opportunity for local governments, public health systems, and other institutions to propose how they could improve public health trust—and earn resources for doing so, particularly for securing key talent.

The Futures Forum on Preparedness is hosted by Schmidt Futures, in partnership with the Social Science Research Council.


The virtual forum is free and open to the public. You can register via the website: