A Post-Corona-Society?


On 24 August 2021 Nikolaus Poechhacker and Katharina König, Institute of Public Law and Political Sciences, Department Eisenberger, will present results gained in the project “REASON – Legal Requirements for statistical modelling”.

The talk, titled “Expertise in crisis? An institutional perspective on expert committees appointed by the Austrian government during the Coronavirus Crisis” builds on results drawn from interviews with experts that advised the Austrian government during the Coronavirus Crisis.

Poechhacker & König will discuss the role that institutionalized expertise plays in connection with Ethno-Epistemic Assemblages (Irwin & Michael, 2003). The focus is mainly on the partly missing forms of institutionalized constructions of expertise.

The joint congress of the DGS / ÖGS takes place from 23 – 25 August 2021 digitally. You can still register via

https://kongress2021.soziologie.de/anmeldung .


REASON is part of the Field of Excellence Smart Regulation at the University of Graz and has received funding from Land Steiermark as part of the “Aus der Corona-Krise lernen!” call.