Thomas Buocz

Associated Researcher: Co-Creative Tech Regulation

Thomas Buocz

Thomas Buocz has been a research associate in Professor Iris Eisenberger’s team at the University of Graz from May 2020 – November 2021. His main interests and research areas are technology and innovation law, media law, constitutional law and legal theory. At the Institute of Law, he works within the Horizion2020 research project SCALINGS.

His dissertation focuses on Technological Neutrality of the Law: Efficacy, Limits, and Anticipatory Mechanisms.

He studied law at the University of Vienna and completed a semester abroad at the University of Copenhagen. Thomas Buocz has already worked in Iris Eisenberger’s team both at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Vienna and at the Institute of Law at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. Most recently, he spent a research semester funded by a Marietta Blau-grant at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. He gained practical experience as a legal assistant at the Vienna law firm Maria Windhager, as a local representative of the third district of Vienna and as an intern at the Section for Constitutional Matters at the Austrian Federal Chancellery.


Contact: thomas.buocz(at)

Selected Publications

Buocz, Thomas; Ehrke-Rabel, Tina; Hoedl, Elisabeth; Eisenberger, Iris. Bitcoin and the GDPR: Allocating responsibility in distributed networks. In: Computer Law & Security Review. 35,2. 2019. 182-198. doi:10.1016/j.clsr.2018.12.003

Buocz, Thomas. Ein digitales Grundrechtsdrama. Wien. Der Standard. 2019.

Buocz, Thomas. Artificial Intelligence in Court: Legitimacy Problems of AI Assistance in the Judiciary. In: Retskraft – Copenhagen Journal of Legal Studies. 2,1. 2018. 41-59.


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