Sebastian Scholz

Head of Co-Creative Tech Regulation

Sebastian Scholz

Dr. Sebastian Scholz is a member of the Department Eisenberger since the end of December 2020 and holds the tenure track position for Technology and Innovation Law.

He completed his diploma studies in law at the University of Vienna, followed by a doctorate in law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration in 2014. From April 2010 until January 2014 he held the position of a University Assistant at the Institute for Austrian and European Public Law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. From September 2017 until December 2020 he was a post-doc at the Institute for State and Administrative Law at the University of Vienna. From February 2014 until August 2017 he worked as a legal advisor in the office of the President of the National Council, as a consultant in the Federal Chancellery’s Constitutional Service and as an associate in two leading business law firms.

Sebastian Scholz’s research focuses on technology and innovation law, public commercial law, and the interaction of EU law and state law. His habilitation project deals with the governance of indirect Union enforcement through EU soft law.

He works within the project “Resonsible Robotics (RR-AI)“, which empirically studies the social and ethical and legal dimensions of novel AI-based technologies.

Sebastian Scholz is an associated member of the Field of Excellence “Smart Regulation”. He is co-editor of the Austrian Law Journal (ALJ).

At CIHG Sebastian Scholz is Head of Co-Creative Tech Regulation as well as associated researcher in Innovative Constitutionalism.

Selected Publications

Scholz, Sebastian. Telepsychotherapie und Corona: Wie smart ist das PsychotherapieG? (in Vorbereitung, Veröffentlichung für 2021 geplant)

Scholz, Sebastian. Integration durch Soft Law – eine rechtsstaatliche Herausforderung. In: Kämmerer, Jörn Axel, Kotzur, Markus, Ziller, Jacques (Hrsg.): Integration und Desintegration in Europa. Baden-Baden. Nomos Verlag. 2019. 43-59.

Scholz, Sebastian. Produktwarnungen im Gesundheitsrecht. Rechtsnatur und Rechtsschutz (I und II). In: Recht der Medizin. 2017. 13-17 und 61-66.


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