Nikolaus Poechhacker


Nikolaus Pochhacker

Nikolaus Poechhacker is currently a University Assistant in the team of Prof. Iris Eisenberger. Before his academic life, he worked as an IT professional. He studied Sociology (BA), Computer Science (EC), and Science and Technology Studies (MA) at the University of Vienna.

From 2013 to 2016 he was a research assistant at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, where he was involved in several projects on RRI. From 2016 to 2020 he was a researcher and Ph.D. student in the Digital/Media/Lab at MCTS, Technical University of Munich, where he investigated the social dimensions of digital technologies and algorithms.

In his work, Nikolaus Poechhacker is researching the relationship between democratic institutions, social order, and algorithmic systems in various domains, bringing together perspectives from Media Theory, STS, Computer Science, and Sociology. Most recently, he is exploring the impact of algorithmic procedures and digital legal technologies on the legal system.

Apart from his work as university assistant, Nikolaus Poechhacker is also a researcher within the project “REASON – Legal Requirements for statistical modelling”, funded by the Province of Styria.


Contact: nikolaus.poechhacker(at)

Selected Publications

Poechhacker, N, Kacianka, S. Algorithmic Accountability in Context. Socio-technical perspectives on structural causal models. Frontiers in Big Data. Special Issue Critical Data and Algorithm Studies. (accepted).

Müller, P. , Pöchhacker, N. Algorithmic Risk Assessment als Medium des Rechts. Medientechnische Entwicklung und institutionelle Verschiebungen aus Sicht einer Techniksoziologie des Rechts. Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie, 44(1), 157–179 (2019)

Pöchhacker, N., Burkhardt, M., Geipel, A., Passoth, J. Interventionen in die Produktion algorithmischer Öffentlichkeiten: Recommender Systeme als Herausforderung für öffentlich-rechtliche Sendeanstalten. In: Jan-Hinrik Schmidt, Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda, Christian Stegbauer und Nils Zurawski (Hrsg.): Algorithmen, Kommunikation und Gesellschaft. 2017. Sonderausgabe von kommunikation@gesellschaft

Klimburg-Witjes, N., Poechhacker, N., & Bowker, Geoffrey C. Sensing In/Security. Sensors as transnational security infrastructures. Edited Volume, Mattering Press (in print).


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