Katharina König

Student: Critical Legal Tech

Katharina König

Katharina König is a student assistant at the Institute for Public Law and Political Science, University Graz, since November 2020. Currently, she works within the project “REASON – Legal Requirements for statistical modeling”, which is funded by the Styrian Government.

She completed her sociology studies is now studying law at the University of Graz. She gained relevant work experience at the FH JOANNEUM GmbH and as a student assistant at the Institute of Criminal Law at the University of Graz.

Katharina König has a widespread field of interests; not only regarding different legal matters (especially the intersection of innovation and criminal law), but also the connection between sociology and law.

At CIHG she is part of  Critical Legal Tech, which is led by Nikolaus Poechhacker.


Contact: katharina.koenig(at)uni-graz.at


Selected Publications