Johannes Frizberg

Student: Co-Creative Tech Regulation

Johannes Frizberg

Johannes Frizberg is a student assistant at the Institute of Public Law and Political Science, Department Eisenberger, since April 2021, where he is involved in the H2020 Project “ETAPAS”. He currently studies law at the University of Graz.

He gained first work experience through internships at a law firm and a notary´s office. In addition to his law studies Johannes Frizberg also works as a test driver at the AVL List GmbH. He is interested in different legal areas, but has a particular preference for public law, especially administrative law, which was awakened during his participation in the Moot Court Administrative Law.

At CIHG he is part of Co-Creative Tech Regulation, which is led by Thomas Buocz and Sebastian Scholz.


Selected Publications