Book presentation: Silent Knowledge



Book presentation: „Silent Knowledge – The importance of implicit communication in the design process”

At the intersection of Law, Design and Technology

On 11 July 2020 Dr. Stefanie Egger (FH Joanneum) presented her upcoming book “Silent Knowledge – The importance of implicit communication in the design process”. The presentation was organised by the Innovation Law Team surrounding Professor Iris Eisenberger. It was held at the “esc medien kunst labor”, where you can currently visit the exhibition “CYBORG SUBJECTS” as part of the annual program “You are cyborg, aren’t you?”.

Dr. Egger’s book focuses on how opportunities of action, often only perceived unconsciously, are “inscribed” in everyday objects. Those unconscious opportunities of action are the reason why our implicit knowledge is being mobilised. We use an object in a certain way without knowing exactly why.

This unconscious, implicit use is the reason why design-decisions at the intersection of technology and law should be examined carefully. Which values and beliefs are underlying a specific design choice? And whose values and beliefs are they? Why do we, for example, equip nursing robots with a human face? And whose “ideals” of a face are at the base of the design process?

The following discussion showed once more that an interdisciplinary approach towards these questions is not only interesting but also fruitful. The design of objects, technologies, and regulations can be brought out into the light of the legal and social discourse.

Following the spirit of “bringing things out into the light”, Iris Eisenberger’s Innovation Law Team Graz plans to host a Design-Sprint together with the FH Joanneum in autumn 2020. As part of the Design-Sprint students from different fields – foremost legal studies and design studies – will develop innovative interdisciplinary solutions for legal problems.

Further information on the design sprint will be published shortly.

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