A subjective discourse on subjectivity: Reading Group

Since March 2021, the CIHG hosts a biweekly reading group on Andreas Reckwitz’ book “Das hybride Subjekt. Eine Theorie der Subkulturen von der bürgerlichen Moderne zur Postmoderne” (2020), first published in 2006.

Andreas Reckwitz is a German sociologist and currently Professor of Social Theory and Cultural Sociology at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. In his work, he tries to construct an extensive theory of modern and postmodern subject cultures by reconstructing the changing criteria of the subjectivity since the 18th century. Reckwitz analyses the topics labour (employment), intimate relationships, and technologies of the self.

In our reading group, we focus on one chapter per meeting to slowly get a deeper understanding of Reckwitz’ work, reflecting on the roles of law and technology in the social development of different subject cultures. Though the pandemic situation currently complicates physical meetings, technology has our back. Meeting online does not only give us an opportunity to meet at all, but also the opportunity to invite colleagues from all over the world to join.

This enabled us to form our interdisciplinary reading group, where we combine different backgrounds, ranging from Sociology, Philosophy, and STS to Political Science and Law. The discussions within the reading group (re-)discover the temporality, relevance, and connectedness of Reckwitz’ topics from an interdisciplinary approach. We therefore see the reading group as an expression of the CIHGs main goal: fostering a diverse network and providing a platform for inter- and transdisciplinary research, events, art, and activism connected to socio-techno-legal topics.

If you would like to join this (or future) reading groups, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via contact@cih-graz.at !