About Us

Founded in 2020, the CIHG focuses on the complicated and highly entangled relationships between law, technology and society and how these relationships influence our lives.

About Us

The Constitutional Innovation Hub Graz (CIHG) was founded in late 2020 within the Department of Professor Iris Eisenberger at the Institute of Public Law and Political Science at the University of Graz.

The founding members are Iris Eisenberger, Nikolaus Poechhacker, Annemarie Hofer and Thomas Buocz.

The Hub is currently growing into a diverse network with multiple members, including Research Associates, Fellows and Students. Would you like to become a part of the Constitutional Innovation Hub Graz? Get in touch with us!

Director Professor Iris Eisenberger
Hub & Project Manager Annemarie Hofer
Research Managers Iris Eisenberger, Thomas Buocz, Annemarie Hofer, Nikolaus Poechhacker
Further Positions Partner Institutions, Associated Researchers, Fellows, Students

CIHG organizational chart