Constitutional Innovation Hub

Constitutional Innovation Hub Graz

The Constitutional Innovation Hub Graz (CIHG) is a platform for inter- and transdisciplinary research, events, art and activism connected to socio-techno-legal topics.


Founded in 2020, the CIHG focuses on the complicated and highly entangled relationships between law, technology and society and how these relationships influence our lives.

The CIHG aims to work as a flexible platform with diverse members and a broad spectrum of know-how within the triangle of law, technology, and society.



We are an interdisciplinary team at the Faculty of Law at the University of Graz, working in close relationship with researchers from different areas across the globe. We’d like to expand this network and thereby foster connections between different disciplines, focusing on the highly entangled relationships between law, technology and society.

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Apart from funded research projects, we aim to provide a creative environment complementary to traditional institutions. We welcome suggestions and collaborations with all creative areas, inviting (young) scholars, students, but also people from areas outside academia and with a range of different backgrounds.

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Bringing together law, technology and society in the interdisciplinary Hub Network, we offer a platform for readings, discussions, book clubs, networking events and plain and simple socialising with diverse thinkers.

Due to current global events, we are not holding physical meetings, and due to the overwhelming amount of screen time everyone is currently facing, we are also refraining from online meetings until further notice.

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A flexible platform with diverse members